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Introducing Lab Manager’s Editorial Advisory Board

We are happy to introduce the Lab Manager editorial advisory board, which has been established to help us achieve our mission to deliver insightful, informative content and events to assist lab managers in effectively running their organizations.

The board members represent each of Lab Manager’s key topic areas: leadership, management, safety, lab design, sustainability, and asset management. Each member was thoughtfully selected by our editorial team based on a robust set of qualifications and criteria. This board holds prominent and influential roles within their respective industries, and the Lab Manager team is thrilled to welcome them.

“We’re very happy to have this distinguished group of advisors joining Lab Manager,” says Scott Hanton, editorial director of Lab Manager. “Their experience will provide additional input to the articles we provide to our readers.”

The Lab Manager editorial board will serve on behalf of the readers, providing ideas, suggestions, and feedback to the Lab Manager editorial team so that we can best deliver valuable content to our audience.

“The editorial advisory board will help Lab Manager provide timely, relevant content and advice to address the needs of lab managers across many industries and organizations,” adds Hanton.

The board members include:

  • Christie Bowden: R&D manager and senior research scientist at Arkema Inc. Prior to management, Christie spent 15 years in the laboratory using gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry for small molecule and polymer additives method development and analysis.
  • James Connelly: chief executive officer of My Green Lab and one of the most influential leaders in the corporate sustainability and green building movement today. James is a frequent keynote speaker on regenerative design, sustainable business, and laboratory sustainability.
  • Sherri L. Bassner, PhD: retired chemist and manager who spent 30 years developing new products and services, and then leading others in those same efforts. She is a part-time leadership coach and blogs on personal and professional development, among other topics.
  • Kerri Mack, PhD: safety manager of the chemical, biological, and radiological high hazards division within the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, which is part of the Ministry of Defence in the UK.
  • Dan Scungio, MT (ASCP), SLS, CQA (ASQ): has more than 30 years of experience as a certified medical technologist. As a laboratory safety consultant and a safety officer, Dan provides on-site education and safety training for labs of all sizes with a mission to help organizations create safety-savvy laboratories.
  • Todd McEvoy, PhD: senior director of laboratory services for Azzur Labs at their Schnecksville, PA location. In this role he is accountable for all aspects of the business performance including people leadership, scientific operations excellence, business development, administrative and support functions, quality, and safety. Todd was also the winner of the 2022 Overall Lab Manager Excellence Award.
  • Jinhee Lee: senior lab planner at HERA. Jinhee’s deep knowledge of laboratories and appreciation of the subtleties of good lab planning to go beyond the typical limits of standard laboratory design. She has received extensive training to demonstrate an understanding of current laboratory trends, relevant issues, and operational approaches that has shaped several science environments, whether for discovery or education.

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